ribosome with mRNA

agency: Digizyme — concept & art direction
client: Cell Signaling Technologies
use: print ad, 9 x 12 in

This image shows a ribosome translating a bit of mRNA. The ribosome is a large structure; two main subunits, each made up of a complex of RNA and small proteins. For this image, the main subunits are distinguished with different shades of blue. RNA is shown as a ribbon structure, and proteins are solid structures. The image also shows mRNA as a red ribbon with bases, and tRNA as a glowing yellow coil.

Structures in this image are based on PDB data from UC Santa Cruz: "A. Korostelev, S. Trakhanov, M. Lauerberg and H.F. Noller (2006) Crystal Structure of a 70S Ribosome-tRNA Complex Reveals Functional Interactions and Rearrangements. Cell 126:1065–1077". mRNA model is a collage of multiple PDB sources. Models were built in Lightwave, modo, and Cinema4D and rendered in modo.